28 Jul 2013

A Slice of Pai! Part 1

Upon telling people we were heading to Thailand, a number of our friends recommended we head to Pai right in the north, perhaps knowing that we would love it. It's only 135km from Chiang Mai so last week we rented a bike to take the journey up here. When we say we, please read Simon, and when we say bike, read scooter. Very small scooter. With no gears. Oh and there are 762 curves on the road to Pai from Chiang Mai. And it's monsoon. Believe me, its not for the faint hearted, or those with a strong aversion to numb bum! But it was a great excuse to wear our very sexy looking rain gear.

But we eventually arrived in Pai and wow. It is so lovely! We met up with some travel blogger friends of ours who recommended this beautiful bungalow resort down by the river Pai, called Sawasdee Pai. Like most of Pai, its very twee and quirky, and very imaginatively decorated. 

Luckily they had one for us, and one for these two lovelies:

That's right, Bridesmaid Kat and her husband Alex came to see us on their round the world honeymoon, between Australia and Vietnam they squeezed in a week seeing us! Yay. 

Wow! Did we fit a lot into a week or what? There was eating, and drinking, and cricket listening, and caving, and elephant riding and plenty more eating.

Full details of our adventures will be coming shortly! But in the meantime, we headed back to Chiang Mai when it was due for them to leave, but we loved Pai so much we have returned once more!

UPDATE: Here's the map of our location as promised!

More soon!

Lots of love
Maddy and Paddy xxx

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