10 Jul 2013

Babies and puppies and cats, oh my! Our month in England

So, as many of you know we recently had to fly back for an unexpected trip for a month in England. 

We met and cuddled babies...of various sizes, shapes and smells. We managed not to drop any, so high fives all round! 


We walked dogs in the English countryside...and they walked us. It's strangely surprising how strong a two foot sausage dog called Etta can be, whilst an even smaller version called Monty is just too cute. 


As for a six week old Springador, all ears, legs and a pot belly, called Fionn, as in Fionn mac Cumnaill, there's no catching him. Fionn mac Cumnail is a mythical Irish character who lived in a land called Tir Na Nog, where nobody ever grew old. A bit like plastic surgeries in Chiang Mai, but that's a story for another time.

We enjoyed the sunshine (Yes, this is England!). There were reports of pigs flying in the sky, and  saucer-shapes hovering over the countryside, upon which the Daily Mail speculated, but then it was time for tea. And cucumber sandwiches, no crusts please. Pimms o'clock dear? But not until you've mown the lawn darling.

And we became acquainted with the newest addition to Maddy's family, Toffee aka Fluffy.


We spent time with both our families...which in Paddy's case could be described as more like a tribal gathering, and a grand time was had by all.


We were back for a very sad reason, but we were so pleased to have the opportunity to be able to enjoy the generosity of so many of our good friends who shared with us not only their plentiful supply of booze, but their spare rooms as well. 

Thank you to all of them, we feel blessed to have so many special people in our lives. 

It's all very well seeing the world but seeing family and friends is just so fantastic. 

With much love
M and P xx

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