29 Aug 2013

How Did We Spend Our First Wedding Anniversary?

Dearest lovelies, 

Those of you who are on Facebook will have seen us post all sorts of lovey-dovey messages and photos about our first wedding anniversary. We can hardly believe it's been one whole year since this...

So how to celebrate? 

Maddy is a huge fan of Royal anything, and Paddy likes to keep Maddy happy so...

Behold, the royal receiving wat where up until 1975, the king of Laos graciously received his visitors...

Unfortunately we had to put our handbags and cameras in lockers so no photos of the amazing rooms and exhibits, but the bit that we were allowed to photograph was a very impressive wat within the grounds, which reminded Maddy of the ballroom in Sound of Music actually! 

The very intricately carved ceiling


Looking through the royal carrying box....

Help! I'm stuck in a gold palace!
For our special anniversary dinner we chose to eat at Tamarind, which is a restaurant which introduces Westerners to Lao food with taster dishes, and explanations given by the super friendly waiters. We had read rave reviews about it, and as soon as we walked in and met the manager Rudy, it was a hit for us! 

We drank champagne, toasted the future and ate delicious food. We highly recommend the Laos taster plate and the stuffed lemongrass - om nom nom. 

Thank you for all your lovely messages of congratulations and love from all our lovely family, friends, and all the support we receive from Balanced View

We love you too!

Maddy and Paddy xxx

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