6 Aug 2013

Eco homes and late night sunsets in St Dogmaels, Wales

We're going to skip back a little bit now to May to tell you of a beautiful place...

On our recent unexpected trip to England we had the chance to visit friends who lived in Wales who we haven't seen in years. We know them from Goa 1010, where we'd all been involved in a very lovely band called Love Bubble. Never made it to the Top of the Pop charts, but we know that Wales has Talent and that talent is endless! Since then, our friends Mike and Suzanne have had a baby, who we have never met, and so it was that we rented a car and drove over to St Dogmaels, otherwise known as a stunning little village on the west coast of Wales. 

We couldn't stop snapping away at the lovely views of the landscape...

The old Abbey ruins...

Whilst we were there, we invited ourselves to have a look at a house made of straw! Really, straw bale walls, three storeys high, and actually won Grand Designs on Channel 4 2009! It's so amazing to see what a bit of imagination and courage can build, a wonderful way of showing what really can happen up when you ignore Mr Rightmove and the many property breakfast TV programmes, there actually is another way to live! The owners took years to build the place, but it's so unique inside and out, and now they advise others on how to build eco-homes. They have a website here and a Facebook page here. It is genuinely inspiring to see. 

We had a lovely time drinking local beer and eating homemade curry in the late night sunset and brought a huge sense of renewal and peace.

We are very lucky to have friends who live in such beautiful places! 

With lots of love
Maddy and Paddy xxx


  1. That's really beautiful!

    You know what else is beautiful?

    New Zealand. Just saying! x

    1. Aw! Happy you're having a great time back home x