12 Aug 2013

Farewell to Thailand!

We have written before on why we're not going to stay in Thailand longer term as originally planned, and although we've hinted at our adventures, we haven't actually told you all what we're doing next!  

So without further ado...<drum roll please>...we have seven weeks to head through Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam and then we have a flight booked to England on 24th September from Hanoi! Cheap flights are now available from Hanoi (Vietnam) to Heathrow via Helsinki with Finnair! 

So onwards we go...

We were pretty unfamiliar with this part of the world before we got here, so we thought it would be useful if we provided an interactive map for you lovely readers...

View Larger Map

And so it is that we bid farewell to the beautiful country of Thailand, with all its lovely food, its countryside and its lovely wats and to our dear friends Nick and Pam who have been such lovely hosts! 

We're starting off with a two day slow boat ride down the mighty Mekong from Thailand to Luang Prabang, Laos. More on that to come! (Rest assured, Paddy has already started on the movie references, see Apocalypse Now, etc)

Goodbye to "Sabaidee Ma?" meaning "How are you?" but literally translated means "Are you feeling relaxed?" 

Lots of sabaidee love,
Maddy and Paddy xxx